Saturday, October 23, 2010

Even In Idaho, This Election Year Is Unbelievable

This year might possibly go down as one of the wackiest ones in recent history. We have a congressman, Walt Minnick, democrat, dissing Obama. OK, not so unusual in this the avoid Obama year for dems.

Then we have two write-in campaigns in local races, both which actually have a chance to succeed. Jai Nelson, Darling of the Libertarian right polled just barely more than Curry and Filios in a three way primary race, causing Filios and Currie to team up in a write-in for Currie. None of the candidates polled more than 37%.

Then the bizarre candidacy of Phil Hart, late of the Constitution Party. Serving on the taxation committee in the state legislature. He owes a bunch to the federal government, and his own state, for which he legislates tax laws... AND, he passes the litmus test in the investigation of his conflict of interest. Plus, it is discovered that he allegedly stole enough logs from state lands to build his rustic mansion in Athol. Howard Griffiths, a man that we here in Bayview know and respect, couldn't stomach this travesty, as a republican himself, and starts a write-in, too.

Kootenai county clerk, Dan English, a thoroughly respected administrator, suddenly becomes a cause celeb from the same libertarian right that Jai Nelson springs from. As if the 15 year veteran wasn't there all along, the wackos eventually became enraged at the heresy of an admitted democrat that could actually hold office in this county. Of course many of his detractors don't even live in Kootenai county, but then that is why the term Carpet Baggers was coined, wasn't it.

For those of us in northern Kootenai County, the recall election in the Timberlake Fire Protection District. Two commissioners, most recent electees, Rudebaugh and Fish, enraged many in the district for firing a popular chief, then contracting for management with an adjoining district, ignoring that folks around here like to manage there own affairs. Local control is the foundation of conservative politics and the transfer of responsibility to Northern Lakes appears to have engendered widespread resentment.

Even local volunteer organizations are not exempt from the craziness that pervades our region. Here in Bayview, the so called Chamber of Commerce disses local businesses and caters to a special interest group that is anti-expansionist. This roiled up group appears to be spinning out of control. We hear that the coming election of officers in November,is in trouble. they can't find anyone that wants to hold these offices and many of the current board members can't wait to escape.

All in all, if in the firing line, duck, then go vote. Staying at home this year not only would be a travesty of monumental proportions, it would suggest that you just don't give a damn. That of course won't stop the non-voters from bitching, once the dust settles.

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