Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Depression 11

If we think a healthy wall street is the answer, try the unemployment lines. The distance of the Wall street economy and the Main street economy is growing in leaps and bounds.

It is a simple situation. With Wall street, it is profit, loss and growth.

With Main street, it is jobs, unemployment, underemployment and starvation. Here in Northern Idaho we have people, a large group of folks here are geared for survival. Still, families are living in cars, abandoned vans and moldering old barns. Forest service campgrounds are no longer seasonal campgrounds for the family outings. They are now, lifeline's for the homeless.

The cause is simple. Back in the day, protective terrifies were an isolationist way to keep us from the follies of European and eastern messes, while allowing our economy to grow within.

That lasted until the powerful unions decided that their blue collar workers belonged in the middle class, whatever that was. Welders,machinists and such demanded wages that were non-competitive in the international marketplace.

The next step was for manufacturers, who answerable to their stockholders, found cheaper labor in the orient, Mexico and India. OK, one problem solved. Consumer products such as TVs, computers, steel beams, ET AL, were being produced by countries that hired labor at slavery wages, thence shipping out the U.S. work force.

We are now into the 5th year of great depression two. Not double dip, but a continuation of the original. Wall street is starting to slow down. Why? The law of unintended consequences. With all of this cheaper stuff produced in China,someone overlooked that without jobs, the thriving U.S. market could not survive without consumers. of which many had no longer any purchasing power. Free trade, turned out to be anything but free.