Friday, October 29, 2010

Pay It Forward

"On October 30th 2010 at 6:pm, the American Legion Auxiliary will host its annual
“Pay It Forward” dinner. The dinner was started as a means of collecting food items for the ABC Food Bank located in Athol and in remembrance of Ellie, who believed the way to return a favor is to “Pay It Forward.” All of the supplies to cook the meal are donated from local merchants. The price of admission to the dinner is a donation of food or cash to the Food Bank.

This dinner was started in remembrance of a dear friend. Ellie taught me to return a favor by paying the favor forward. The last year that Ellie was in Germany she left her fully decorated Christmas Tree, households goods, and bedding with Norma Jean and her family. Her only request was to pass the gift on to someone else in need.

As we move into the fall and winter season, the economy is very slowly improving. There are friends and neighbors who are in need. Pay It Forward by donating what you can."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Open Letter to the Timberlake Community

Oct 22, 2010

I am not personally involved in the recall efforts against commissioners Rudebaugh and Fish,however, I was a direct witness to their behaviors (both public and behind closed doors) and completely support and understand why the petitioners want them removed from office.

Rudebaugh and Fish are currently circulating a flyer that falsely states that “the only real reason the petitioners want a recall is because of a strong personal attachment to the former fire chief,a desire to have the former management structure returned, and a $500,000 permanent levy” on the citizens." These claims are false and simply represent more of the scare tactics these two men used to get elected in the first place. It is a well known fact that I am not returning and there are no plans for a levy or the return of the previous management structure.

The fire district is in very poor shape both in terms of equipment and personnel, and its future should be seriously discussed and decided by the citizens, in the form of town hall meetings supported by a community survey, which was the original plan crafted on December 16, 2009 in a work session of the entire board, including these two new commissioners. That meeting gave me unanimous direction to send out a newsletter and survey, to schedule town halls, and proceed with the commissioner supported plan to test public support for some form of levy to address the problems posed by a dilapidated fleet of vehicles. However the newsletter was halted by these two commissioners one day before it was to be mailed.

The August 2010 Timberlake Fire newsletter stated “In mid February, the chief acting on his own without Board approval, removed many pieces of equipment from service.” The board was informed that removing the apparatus was an option one week prior, and none of them objected. In fact, Rudebaugh gave specific direction to do it. Soon after that happened, he put a gag order in place, and then violated his own gag order by leaking information to a friend who called the press, and then acted surprised and strongly objected when the information appeared in the paper. I couldn’t believe it.

I would also like to confirm statements that the management contract was my idea. In March, I researched this as an option and discussed it with other chiefs since I was privately considering another employment opportunity and wanted to ensure that the district would have continuity of professional management in the interim. I brought up the idea of a “management contract” to the commissioners as one of several “short term” alternatives to help the district survive within its current funding, even though the district's long term problems would not be fixed unless we either decreased service or increased funding.

It was understood by all that this was one of several alternatives, and that what was needed was for the board of commissioners to discuss all options in a public forum and obtain feedback to gauge which options the public would support. Unfortunately, commissioners Rudebaugh,Fish and outgoing commissioner Quillin chose instead to move forward with a management contract by acting behind closed doors. All of the planning and options were supposed to be transparent and open, but it was not. It was very dirty politics and it upset a lot of people. In closing, I would just like to thank the citizens of the Timberlake Fire Protection District for two
wonderful years in which it was my honor to serve as your fire chief.

Jack Krill
Former Fire Chief, Timberlake Fire Protection District

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bayview In The Rain

Today was/is a wet dreary day with light rain and lowering clouds obscuring the hills that surround Scenic Bay. Wisps of gray stream like gigantic spider webs, contesting the upcoming Halloween decor. Driving past the mercantile and JD's not a single patron was in evidence. Bayview appeared deserted.

Perhaps the only creatures in the bay that are happy, are the teaming Kokanee (Bluebacks) heading shoreward for a one-time only sex orgy. By the first of November, the shore spawning cycle will begin and the lives of these fish will end. It is hoped that this year's run will be as good or better than last. Many old time fishermen and women are wondering if they will ever be able to catch these tasty buggers. Dust covers the smokers that sit unattended in the corner of area garages, in hopes that Fish & Game will relent and allow at least a small catch next year. With the end of these fishy lives, the arrival of many bald Eagles will show up, decorating the sky with their majestic beauty.

Probably the most active employee in town quit her job Saturday. Norma Jean Knowles hung it up voluntarily. One of the few that has survived this long at Scenic Bay/JD's marinas decided she just didn't want to do it anymore. She should be proud of her many accomplishments.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Even In Idaho, This Election Year Is Unbelievable

This year might possibly go down as one of the wackiest ones in recent history. We have a congressman, Walt Minnick, democrat, dissing Obama. OK, not so unusual in this the avoid Obama year for dems.

Then we have two write-in campaigns in local races, both which actually have a chance to succeed. Jai Nelson, Darling of the Libertarian right polled just barely more than Curry and Filios in a three way primary race, causing Filios and Currie to team up in a write-in for Currie. None of the candidates polled more than 37%.

Then the bizarre candidacy of Phil Hart, late of the Constitution Party. Serving on the taxation committee in the state legislature. He owes a bunch to the federal government, and his own state, for which he legislates tax laws... AND, he passes the litmus test in the investigation of his conflict of interest. Plus, it is discovered that he allegedly stole enough logs from state lands to build his rustic mansion in Athol. Howard Griffiths, a man that we here in Bayview know and respect, couldn't stomach this travesty, as a republican himself, and starts a write-in, too.

Kootenai county clerk, Dan English, a thoroughly respected administrator, suddenly becomes a cause celeb from the same libertarian right that Jai Nelson springs from. As if the 15 year veteran wasn't there all along, the wackos eventually became enraged at the heresy of an admitted democrat that could actually hold office in this county. Of course many of his detractors don't even live in Kootenai county, but then that is why the term Carpet Baggers was coined, wasn't it.

For those of us in northern Kootenai County, the recall election in the Timberlake Fire Protection District. Two commissioners, most recent electees, Rudebaugh and Fish, enraged many in the district for firing a popular chief, then contracting for management with an adjoining district, ignoring that folks around here like to manage there own affairs. Local control is the foundation of conservative politics and the transfer of responsibility to Northern Lakes appears to have engendered widespread resentment.

Even local volunteer organizations are not exempt from the craziness that pervades our region. Here in Bayview, the so called Chamber of Commerce disses local businesses and caters to a special interest group that is anti-expansionist. This roiled up group appears to be spinning out of control. We hear that the coming election of officers in November,is in trouble. they can't find anyone that wants to hold these offices and many of the current board members can't wait to escape.

All in all, if in the firing line, duck, then go vote. Staying at home this year not only would be a travesty of monumental proportions, it would suggest that you just don't give a damn. That of course won't stop the non-voters from bitching, once the dust settles.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heavy Lifters-Not Trucks

There have been hundreds of trees cut down to tell the story of the boondoggle in shipping 175 ton half coker drums up highway 12, thence to and through Montana, which hasn't given permission yet either. Blocking off hwy 12, both lanes so that these monster loads can travel through Idaho to their final destination, the oil sands area of Calgary, Canada.

I have an off the wall suggestion that may actually work. It has been announced that many more over sized and over weight loads are planned for the future. Has anyone thought about flying over these routes rather than trucking them? No, I don't mean in a standard airliner. How about a rigid dirigible? I had read something about a new German built airship called the CL160. I even think there is one already here on the west coast.

The CL 160 as it's name implies, can carry a payload of 160 tons from point A to the end destination without touching the ground anywhere en route. True, 160 tons won't lift 175 tons, but those figures are so close, one wonders if the engineers that designed this machine hd a tolerance built in that would handle the additional weight. The airships use helium, not the hydrogen that the ill fated Hindenburg burned up with.

I urge the powers that be to look into this method of transporting extra heavy or extra large loads. How about we think outside the box just this once. Below is the source of the statistical information on these air machines.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Take

When a sitting Democrat in this one of the most conservative states in the union runs for re-election, it gets interesting. Add a little spin and it goes off the chart. Fact: Minnick is a conservative, a Blue Dog Democrat. Fact: The speaker of the house of Representatives is Pelosi, a San Francisco ultra-liberal. Fact: The Republican party needs to regain the majority in the house.

These are the facts that face voters, many moderate republicans and conservative democrats. I like Congressman Minnick. I like the way he talks straight. I like the way he votes, and I like the way that he tries to turn his party toward the center.

The Republican party seems to have only one major objection to his re-election. Well, two. They want Labrador, a Puerto Rican born citizen that makes a living as an attorney specializing in immigration issues. To me, that means he supports wetbacks. Note: (I don't feel it necessary to use politically correct terms that were invented on the left.) For the record, my first wife was born in Mexico and three of my children are half Mexican. This is not a bigot issue, it is whether our laws protecting against illegal immigration should be prostituted, in the ever lasting quest for new liberal voters. ... But I digress.

Illegal immigration isn't just about peasant farmers, their wives and five children. If this example can walk across the border, so can terrorists. In fact the terrorists could infiltrate English speaking Caucasians, or those that would pass for one, along with weapons as well.

The major issue with Minnick, according to pretty much every right wing conservative I've talked to, is that he is a vote for Pelosi. He has stated that he has made no decision on that matter. I expect that if it were a very close election that he would bolt the Pelosi gang. Last time up he was a congressional freshman. They are nominally told to shut up, sit down and learn the ropes.

To abandon a good man, a sound thinker for purely partisan politics, in my view, is wrong. Labrador is not half the man that Minnick is. I am crossing over to vote for Minnick, despite the fear factor. First, I believe that the one seat is not going to be a factor. This election is going to sweep many mistakes out of the House that were made in the coat tail election of Obama. Congressman Minnick should not fall victim to the throw the bastards out syndrome. It is sad that because the republican party activists control the primaries that a moderate can be elected in the general election but not by one's own party. I have a hunch that if that were not true, Minnick would run as the conservative that he is, and under the Republican party banner