Monday, October 25, 2010

Bayview In The Rain

Today was/is a wet dreary day with light rain and lowering clouds obscuring the hills that surround Scenic Bay. Wisps of gray stream like gigantic spider webs, contesting the upcoming Halloween decor. Driving past the mercantile and JD's not a single patron was in evidence. Bayview appeared deserted.

Perhaps the only creatures in the bay that are happy, are the teaming Kokanee (Bluebacks) heading shoreward for a one-time only sex orgy. By the first of November, the shore spawning cycle will begin and the lives of these fish will end. It is hoped that this year's run will be as good or better than last. Many old time fishermen and women are wondering if they will ever be able to catch these tasty buggers. Dust covers the smokers that sit unattended in the corner of area garages, in hopes that Fish & Game will relent and allow at least a small catch next year. With the end of these fishy lives, the arrival of many bald Eagles will show up, decorating the sky with their majestic beauty.

Probably the most active employee in town quit her job Saturday. Norma Jean Knowles hung it up voluntarily. One of the few that has survived this long at Scenic Bay/JD's marinas decided she just didn't want to do it anymore. She should be proud of her many accomplishments.

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