Monday, December 27, 2010

Unintended Consequences

If you are naive enough to believe that our people in Congress and the Senate know hat they are doing, get over it. Many, if not most laws that are passed for what looks like the public good, merely takes a problem from here and puts it there. It doesn't go away.

For instance probably the most egregious error our lawmakers have made recently,is to promote the use of Ethanol in our gasoline supplies. This was to solve two problems. One, lower dependence on oil and the other to benefit the environment. Neither have been accomplished. Gas is still at the $3.00 level and we merely passed the pollution baton to the Chinese. Now, instead of making our own, it drifts across the Pacific to our shore where no amount of amelioration will affect the outcome.

But by far, what corn subsidies have done to us is to raise almost double, the price of meat. Whether beef, pork or chickens, corn is a principal feed source. With energy companies competing for the same grain that formerly was mostly an animal feed crop. I for one, resent paying $3 per pound for ground beef, or $9 for a steak that was $5 just two or three years ago.

We need to urge our congressmen and senators to repeal the ethanol subsidy before they inadvertently create starvation in this country in addition to the screwed up economy. If obesity is a problem now, just wait until protein is eliminated from our diet.

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