Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm A Member Of The Party Of No!

I belong to the party of no. No, I'm not a right wing fanatic, nor a extremist libertarian. Just a little right of center. I believe in the following:

No, to federal courts legislating social justice from the bench. First of all, one must define social justice. None of us have the right to anything other than the right of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Pursuit, not the realization as defined by the welfare state Obama is trying to bring about. Realization is when one fights and wins in the economic battle to succeed. That is referred to as ambition. I am a member of the party of no. I do not believe in supporting those that have no desire to further their economic future, but rely on people like Rangel and his ilk to do it for them.

No, to legislators and the executive trying to convince us that the constitution is out of date and that we need to liberally interpret it's meaning to fit the 21st century. I hear every day on line from young ignorant University Students, that having just been weaned, think that we need to fix what is broken in our governmental bible. This, the constitution that enabled a country just barely past puberty, to become the most powerful, productive and yes, progressive country in the world. Notice I used the word progressive in a positive way. The left has hijacked that word to suggest that every far left thought is progress. No it's not. What it is, is revisionist. Progress in this country, less the last five or six years, is rampant in a free economy.

What stopped progress, was the union movement in which politicians kowtowed to them. This over a period of time, caused the cost of manufacturing to be priced out of the market. This in turn, caused companies to go off shore for cheaper labor, since our products were no longer competitive. This condition still exists and will for a few years. Actually, many years if we don't reajust our priorities. We are not living in the 20'as anymore and don't have sweatshops employing children for 12 hours a day. That day is long gone and we need to adjust to a modern reality. We are not world leaders anymore. We ship raw materials off shore to the orient where steel beams are manufactured and shipped back to us to be sold cheaper that we can produce them ourselves. Folks, that makes us a third world country. A simple truth in politics is that there are more have nots than haves. Ergo, if you can get the have nots to vote for the party of giveth, they win the sad contest. Pride. Pride in ones self and in one's country is the principle that counts.

In situations where beyond ones ability to survive without help, obviously an advance society has to step forward and assist. When "progressive" politicians decide that cradle to the grave support for multiple generations of families used to being supported have no incentive to improve their own lives, you then have a liberal majority. You also have the beginning of the end of our republic as we know it.

No, to the corruption of the institution of marriage, by allowing those of the same sex to marry. Since they cannot produce children naturally from these unions, perhaps just the civil rights of contractual consent to share, to inherit, etc. is warrented. There is not any need to overturn centuries of tradition, not just Christian, but also every other recognized religion. Civilization is a delicate institution. It must be protected and nurtured. Suddenly, after centuries of tradition, the ultra liberals want to overturn everything in sight. Actually, rather than liberal, perhaps the term, anti-social or anti-family or anti-society should apply.

Gays and lesbians should not be shunned, nor should they be subjected to humiliation. They are what they are, and have no control over that. Having said that, they also do not have any right that any other American doesn't have. Hate crimes are an over reaction to the Gay issue and the race issue. You punch someone in the nose, you are guilty of third degree assault. To preface the attack by calling that person a name related to ethnic, racial or sexual persuasion, you are guilty of a felony. That is wrong. Every state in the union has laws against assault. There is no need to create a special category for those whose feeling were hurt just prior to having their nose punched.

No, to shutting down our public lands to harvesting a renewable resource, trees. Trees that are a part of every Eco-nazi's home. We need more care in protecting our air, water and earth. We do not, however need a bunch of fanatics shutting down our economy for the sake of returning the earth to a state that existed before man. We got rid the wolves a century ago. Why? because we couldn't co-exist with them. They were reintroduced by the grandchildren of those that pruned the predators. Now, we are having to spend time thinning out the packs because of the ill-advised laws protecting everything but us.

Yes, I belong to the party of no. No more prostituting our country for weird new rules redefining our very successful republic. We are no longer "On nation indivisible." We are a country of cranks and misfits trying to redesign society to fit their immature needs.

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