Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Global Warming A Hoax?

Mt Erebus South Pole

As we watch the conference on global warming come apart at the seams in Copenhagen, perhaps it is time to stop being defensive when ridiculed by the liberal media and like minded scientists. Unusually, there doesn't seem to be an honest debate between those that believe and those that do not. Virtually all scientific theories are argued over and over by the experts. That didn't happen here. The cart is pulling the horse in this case.

It was only after a hacker opened up a Pandora's box of lies and deceits in a Watergate type expose in Great Britain has the playing field started to level. Suddenly there are dozens of renown scientists including some highly touted researchers that chose up until now to keep their collective mouths shut so as to not be publicly discredited by the massive propaganda campaign. Nobody was bothered by those that shut down debate by saying, "hey that has already been irrefutably settled. We don't need to go there anymore."

One reason that has been put forth is that the green earth radicals see this as a route to much more political power that they enjoy as a fringe group. That can be debated by others, but it is clear to me that a vast intimidation campaign is under way to railroad us into more and more government control. Not just our government, but the United Nations as well. It is time for thoughtful research, not knee jerk politics. Below is a link that I suggest any person interested in this debate should visit. It is from a European study. Apparently their experts aren't as easily cowed by the political side. (Hat tip to Bent for the lead)


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