Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wider Territory

I have started this blog, because I wanted to enlarge the area that I cover. Bayviews, started as a community information center, and still is. But having said that, it limits me to local issues. Two things that I wanted to do,one, to cover news and opinion for all of North Idaho, and two, to commercialize my blogs.

In the past four years, during which I have wrote over 98,000 page views, I have written this blog for entertainment. Since the Spokesman-Review has cut back severely, I have lost over $600 per month in income. I believe that I can deliver enough readers to this new area wide blog, to make up for the loss in the Bayviews blog. All of those ads that are currently shown on Bayviews, will appear also on Kootenai Country. The hope is that we as a team can give a new news source to North Idaho, as well as it being self supporting. Please wish us well, and if you have an ad you wish to have on this blog, they will be inexpensive, but effective.

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